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What You Should Know About Microblading

Women’s beauty is an area that concerns them constantly, and this is reflected in the number of them present in beauty salons. Today, more and more women are turning to advanced cosmetic techniques to look amazing. One of these is called microblading and its role is to create symmetry in the face. Discover more about this procedure!

What is microblading?

Over time the treatment has been refined and today microblading is a very advanced technique that allows for excellent quality results. Today, the microblading treatment is chosen by many women who have aesthetic problems related to the eyebrow area. With microblading it is possible to correct any imperfection, emphasizing the appearance of the eyebrows and giving a new shape to the face.

As I said, this treatment is carried out with a manual tool that allows the specialist to intervene with the greatest precision: it is a small pen with an inclined blade, at the end of which several very thin needles (blades) are placed. These needles do not penetrate deep into the skin but produce small surface scratches in the eyebrow area. The color pigment is then introduced into these small incisions caused by the micro blades. With this technique, the arch of the eyebrows is built up by redesigning under the skin. It is a manual technique that differentiates microblading from permanent makeup as well as traditional tattooing.

Where is microblading needed?

Microblading is useful in the following cases:

-For sparse eyebrows that require filling;

-For scars present in the eyebrow area;

-For too high eyebrows;

-If the eyebrows do not have enough hair and are not thick;

-If the eyebrow hair has stopped growing;

-If the two eyebrows are not symmetrical to each other;

-If you are tired of drawing your eyebrows every morning with traditional pencils;

-If you want to have perfect eyebrows and be in the best shape.

With microblading, you can correct all the main flaws while achieving a camouflage effect on the eyebrows, which are one of the most important parts of the face that can make a face attractive or not. You decide what kind of eyebrows, facial expressions, or emotions you convey!

The results of this type of intervention are today extremely good, and natural, unlike what happened years ago, with the first eyebrow tattoos. You’ve probably also encountered women with eyebrows drawn questionably, with shades or colors that are unreal and unnatural.

Today, the results of those who turn to microblading for eyebrow treatment are capable of reaching levels of absolute excellence. Of course, it all depends on the professional we decide to turn to, a factor that makes a huge difference in the case.

Microblading treatment can give you the perfect eyebrows you dream of, in a sustainable way and with a completely painless treatment. This is a recent technique that falls under the category of permanent makeup or derma pigmentation. There is also talk of semi-permanent eyebrow make-up precisely to indicate a lasting intervention, but not definitive, unlike a tattoo.

How long does microblading take? As mentioned, this is a permanent / semi-permanent makeup procedure that tends to stay on the face for several months. There is no identical duration for everyone, as microblading is a treatment that greatly depends on the person’s skin type. If the microblading procedure is not performed correctly, the risk is that the color pigment will go too deep under the skin, causing a dead skin effect that tends to peel off after a few weeks.

This is why, before undergoing a microblading treatment the professional must advise on how the treatment will be carried out. To do this, a personalized approach is of fundamental importance. The duration of the microblading pigment, as well as the type of treatment to be undertaken, depends on the individual’s skin type.

Microblading is not painful, at most it causes some discomfort. Unlike tattooing, which can also be very painful, this derma pigmentation technique does not cause pain. Even after the treatment is over, there will be no special reactions, just a slight redness in the eyebrow area. It will be enough to take care of the treated area to heal the eyebrow tattoo and after a week the redness will tend to disappear. The microblading person must follow the recommended care scheme by applying special creams for a regular tattoo.

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