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What type of eyebrows suits you according to your face shape

Giving a correct, harmonious, and pleasant shape to the eyebrows requires not only skill but also a kind of ability to understand the mix between art and geometry so that the model you choose fits exactly with the shape of your face. It all depends on the angles and proportions that describe your face and starting from this characteristic you can opt for numerous types, colors, shapes, and sizes. Eyebrows should be balanced, as symmetrical as possible – there is a saying that eyebrows “should not be twins, but sisters”.

What types of eyebrows are suitable for people who have an oval face shape?

If you are blessed with an oval-shaped face, then consider yourself lucky. Many make-up artists believe that the oval face shape is the ideal one because it allows you to contour any type of eyebrows without the slightest problem. Following the example of Angelina Jolie, many girls today inject hyaluronic acid to achieve a prominent jaw so that they can enjoy the other benefits that come along.

Oval-faced women can choose their preferred brow thickness – fine, medium, or thick, depending on the amount of natural brow hair. The perfect eyebrow shape for those who have a round face is represented by the arch of earrings that look like eyebrows that are thick but are pointed at the tips, to give uniqueness to the face, so a result that will improve the eyes look and inspire femininity. At the same time, they will perfectly frame the features, harmonizing them.

What types of eyebrows are suitable for people with a round face shape?

For girls who have a round face shape, the most suitable eyebrows are those with a higher arch, so an arched shape is ideal because it will create the illusion of a thinner face. The main goal is represented by the desire to elongate the face: start by filling in your eyebrows at the arch, then make them slightly closed, to emphasize the shape. You can also brush your brows upwards to help give the impression of a natural skin lift.

Girls with a round face can choose a medium thickness of eyebrows. The high arch is the most suitable, as it will manage to thin the face, giving the appearance of a confident woman, whose confidence is unshakable. Also, eyebrows like this will manage to frame the features perfectly and harmoniously, while creating the natural impression of a lift. The highlighter is another good ally because once added to the brow bone it can lift them even more.

What types of eyebrows are suitable for people with heart-shaped faces?

For girls who have a heart-shaped, triangular face with a wider forehead and wider cheeks, a rounded, not sharp, eyebrow shape is recommended. This shape will help cushion the more extensive, wide, and angular areas of the face. Avoid following the idea of a high arch, opting instead for a low one, unless you have a shorter face: in this case, a higher one is much more suitable.

The narrow jaw, as well as the narrow temple area and pointed chin, can be very easily balanced and harmonized with the help of eyebrows. When it comes to thickness, medium size fits the face much better than thick or thin ones. By forming an arch with the help of the eyebrow model, you will be able to perfectly balance the features of the face. Take care of them constantly, try to make sure that they always look good, and you can enjoy the expected effect of your eyebrows.

What types of eyebrows are suitable for people with an oblong face shape?

For people who have an oblong face shape, the main purpose of eyebrows is to add width to the face to create harmony between the physiognomy and the other features. Moreover, the eyebrows should be as horizontal as possible, thus balancing the apparent disharmony between the other elements of the face. With the help of well-groomed eyebrows, beautifully arranged, but also following the other features, you will manage to add a superb balance to the face.

Therefore, it is recommended that the eyebrows are under no circumstances round, or arched. They should be as thick as possible, flat, and straight (so not pointed or round). This shape can give an elongated appearance to the face, through the almost horizontal line of the eyebrows. If you arch your eyebrows with a wide arch, then you will give the impression of a surprised, angry physiognomy. Thick, flat, and straight eyebrows will give a perfect balance between the forehead, nose, and chin.

What types of eyebrows are suitable for people who have a square face shape?

If your face shape is slightly square or “square”, always opt for slightly slanted brows, which will not only manage to soften the strong angles of the face but will also manage to add some depth and mystery to all the features. A sharp arch or a much too round shape of the eyebrows (just a little) is not recommended and desirable, as the effect may not be in harmony with the solid features of the face.

The shape of the eyebrows, therefore, should be as inclined as possible, very slightly round at the ends. It should also have the appearance of “unthought”, but slightly cleaned in addition to that shape. The curved shape (but not too strongly) enhances a square face, with extremely well-defined features, softening the jawline and narrowing the temples. Such a form can not only greatly enhance the features, but harmonize them perfectly, as in a kind of poetry.

Finally, the shape of your face not only dictates the main type of eyebrows that suits you, but it can also have a major impact on the result of makeup. Try to take advantage of the beautiful features you have, the harmony between them, opting for makeup that best suits the physiognomy of your face. Eyebrows can have a particularly big impact on your features, harmonizing and highlighting them! Choose them wisely!

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