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Powder Brows

Powder brows are a cosmetic semi-permanent make-up technique, designed to create eyebrows with a “soft powder” effect, the result being similar to that obtained after using powder makeup. The “powder” effect is achieved through a shading technique using a make-up device that resembles a tattoo machine.

What effect do powder brows create?

The most common, satisfactory, and aesthetic effect is that of makeup. In other words, after the process, the beginning of the eyebrow will have a light and “powdered” contrast of color, subtle and elegant, while the rest of the eyebrow will be intensely saturated. Another effect is that of ombré, which defines a play of more intense and less intense shadows on different areas of the eyebrow.

In other words, the intensity of the color is distributed over the areas, the transition being made gradually for a more natural appearance. The “powder” effect defines the fact that the eyebrow will have uniform intensity along the entire length (but it will not be pronounced), and those aesthetic “pixels” that give the shadow effect will be very nicely observed on the surface of the eyebrow.

How can powder brows help people in everyday life?

The powder brows technique is not only modern and extremely popular but also very practical. It is effective to hide eyebrow imperfections and even “hide” types of conditions that result in hair loss. Also, for a flawless and attractive look, symmetrical, intense eyebrows can be obtained, which perfectly frame the physiognomy of the face.

So, powder brows are much more than an aesthetic cosmetic technique. It represents an inspired choice especially when it comes to enjoying the aesthetic potential of this type of procedure to the maximum. Powder brows are a viable alternative for people who, following accidents, have lost their eyebrows or their structural integrity.

How long does the healing process take?

The healing process varies from person to person, as do the “side effects” of powder brows. For example, the pH and physiological moisture of the skin are two parameters that play an essential role in the healing process. Depending on these (among other variables), the complete healing process may take at least 2 months.

What is the healing process like?

It is possible that immediately after the procedure, as a result of the trauma suffered by the skin, there will be a small swelling and fluid secretion. These will disappear quite easily, but it is essential to carefully follow the advice given by the technician who performed the procedure. During this healing process, other reactions are very likely to occur, but they do not endanger health.

The healing process is normal, and the adverse reactions are the result of the fact that the skin practically suffers trauma with the realization of the powder brows technique. Therefore, it will regenerate physiologically, which is why it is natural for reactions such as secretions, redness, swelling, and pain to occur in the area. They will disappear with time, after 1-2 months.

How many effects can this technique create?

In addition to the specific effects already mentioned, the powder brows technique offers special intensity both in terms of eyebrow length and volume. The intensity effect on its interior can be achieved by microblading threads or glamor stroke (with the electric device) along the entire eyebrow. Finally, the powder effect (powder brows) is added to the inner area.

The powder effect must be added without saturating the ends, so as not to get a much “overloaded” brow. Depending on the client’s wishes and beauty goals, the one who performs the intervention with powder brows can “play” with the technique to obtain different effects that can even be related to the specific physiognomy of the client.

With what techniques can powder brows be combined?

The powder brows technique can be harmoniously and very beautifully combined with the manual technique, i.e. microblading, but only by making the threads at the beginning of the eyebrow. Afterward, continue with powder brows until the end, to achieve the expected effect: that of a beautiful and symmetrical eyebrow, smooth and uniform along the entire length, which frames a confident face.

Also, another combination, the result of which is a fresh, aesthetic, and interesting look, is the implantation of threads at the beginning and in the upper part of the eyebrow, the rest is done with powder brows. The result not only stands out for its superior quality and aesthetics but also for its amazing look, which will attract everyone’s attention.

Can it help correct previous tattoos?

Powder brows are the only technique that can be used for people who have already resorted to previous micro-pigmentation procedures and who do not want to resort to procedures to erase the old pigments from the skin. With such a method, it is possible to change or even refresh the old unwanted color, neutralizing it.

The technique is minimally invasive and involves the introduction of the complementary color to the one that already exists in the skin, the mixture leading to a neutral color over which the correct shade can be worked, related to the client’s skin phenotype. With this technique, powder brows, it is possible to perfectly cover a procedure that has changed its shape and color over time.

Restores shape and symmetry

With powder brows, the shape and symmetry of the eyebrows are completely restored. These aspects can even be “redefined” through the procedure: you can get the desired shape. In cases of asymmetry, the powder brows technique solves different existing scenarios very easily: eyebrows that are too voluminous, at a sharp angle, or too arched.

When is the final result achieved?

The complete healing process of the eyebrows – essentially the final result – can take up to 2 months, when the scarring of the touch-up procedure is complete. At this point, all the details are worked out, making the necessary corrections, if necessary: to even out the color and establish the desired shape and symmetry, so that the expected results can be achieved.

With the help of touch-ups, the shortcomings will be eliminated, the color will become bright, and intense. The skin will also heal much faster, although small crusts may form that cause pruritus (itching). However, the body will gradually adapt to the pigment. Therefore, such situations will be increasingly rare and easier to bear and manage.

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