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My Story

– Carmen Tudorache

To introduce myself, I am an artist and a mentor in micropigmentation! The experience gained during the years of work, years of storing information in this field have brought me to the point where I can be very confident not only in performing procedures, but also in opening new roads, new careers! At first I just thought about making women as confident as possible, with gorgeous eyebrows, but seeing that there are more and more people who are turning to these services, I decided to open a makeup studio to help any woman. 

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Years of Experience

Due to my extensive experience, having the opportunity to work in Egypt, one of the most populated countries in Africa and in the Middle East. Here I had the opportunity to feel all skin types, very difficult situations that were challenges for me but the results were fantastic!
In the Arabian Countries, due to religion, women must cover their face and for them eyebrows are the most important, along with the eyes, being the only visible ones. In my activity in Egypt, I had over 500 satisfied clients and not only for beauty services, but also in cases in which, following unfortunate events (accidents, illnesses, etc.) they were left without eyebrows.

Another country where I had the opportunity to work and which taught me a lot of things, is Spain, where I worked as an artist in micropigmentation but also as a teacher and mentor. Unlike women in Romania or the Arabian countries, those in Spain prefer very natural results and this taught me to work with the natural beauty of women and I managed to make every client I had to be very satisfied. For each client I adapted my micropigmentation and microblading techniques to achieve the result they wanted. In my work as a mentor I was able to guide my students and help them, and now, each of them has a profitable business, living a cheerful life.

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