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The most advanced technique that gives natural results and that has a very beautiful and harmonious healing course. The process has about the same principle at its core: a pigment of organic origin is introduced intracutaneously. This pigment completely metabolizes in about two years, more precisely, it is gradually erased, naturally, until it disappears completely.

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This technique is a very flexible one and offers the possibility to adapt the shape of the eyebrows according to the desire and personality of the customers. With this technique you can get both discreet and natural eyebrows and bold and contoured. This is due to the way in which the technique is applied, more precisely by layering of pigment. Depending on the desired result, the layers of pigment are applied thus, being a very flexible technique.

The Process

Effortless Beauty: The Step-by-Step Process of Semi-Permanent Makeup Application

Procedure Price

Discover the price of taking care of your eyebrows - Competitive prices for our high-quality procedures!

PMU Powder Brows Procedure £180

Duration: 2 hrs

Retouch £100

Only for procedures made by me 45 days before.

Duration: 50 mins

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