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Micropigmentation eyeliner

If you are tired of applying your makeup every day, you want to have a more precise eyeliner or you can’t get the effect of a perfect eyeliner, then eyeliner micro pigmentation might be the solution you need. Eyes are a very important part of our face, implicitly the way we look and the way we are perceived, just like eyebrows and lips. Therefore, most of the time someone’s attention falls on them. As women, we resort to different tricks to have a more penetrating look – blushes, mascara, or the most beloved product: eyeliner.

Why can’t we have that beautiful, mysterious, meaningful look every day, but without spending dozens of minutes trying to get and draw the perfect eyeliner? However, we know how complicated it is, and how much time it takes that, sometimes, we don’t even feel like applying it. Most of the time it clearly doesn’t work out for us, and that discourages us and can even become frustrating. In this case, eyeliner micro pigmentation is the solution. Not only does it save you a lot of time spent in front of the mirror, but it gives you the certainty of a perfect, aesthetic, and beautiful eyeliner.

What is eyeliner micro pigmentation?

Eyeliner micro pigmentation involves an eyeliner tattoo – a form of cosmetic tattooing, often called “semi-permanent makeup”, performed by a qualified technician. The pigment used is not the same as the ink used in body tattoos and is only deposited on the superficial (first) layer of the skin. The color fades over time, hence the name semi-permanent tattoo, and therefore eyeliner micro pigmentation is a procedure that is performed periodically, at different time intervals. The tattoo is applied on the eyelash line, depending on the desired thickness.

The benefits of eyeliner micro pigmentation

There are many benefits of eyeliner micro pigmentation, including:

• Accentuates the shape and color of your eyes, without having to apply the usual and traditional eyeliner daily, with the help of the make-up kit;

• There is no need to apply eyeliner every day – more time for yourself and fewer nerves in front of the mirror;

• It is resistant to dirt and water;

• It allows you to look beautiful at all times without worrying about not having time to apply your favorite eyeliner.

What is the difference between a cosmetic tattoo and a traditional tattoo?

Although the application process is similar to getting a regular body tattoo, there are key differences between the two procedures:

• The eyeliner tattoo is only applied to the first layer of skin, which means it is not a permanent tattoo, so it fades over time. Traditional tattoo ink, on the other hand, is inserted much deeper into the skin, and for these reasons lasts much longer;

• It is a semi-permanent tattoo, which means it fades over time. Usually, its duration is approximately 12-18 months, and an annual touch-up is recommended to potentiate and maximize the aesthetic effects obtained through such makeup;

• It is much less painful than a regular tattoo, on another part of the body;

• Cosmetic tattoo ink contains less metal base (the main component that allows ink in regular tattoos to stick permanently to the skin).

Eyeliner micro pigmentation procedure

For the eyeliner micro pigmentation process to go as expected, so that you get the desired result, several steps are taken as follows (these may vary depending on certain aspects, but in general they are the same):

• The approved technician confirms the desired design and appearance of the eyeliner, according to your previously agreed wishes;

• The procedure begins by cleaning the eye with a cotton pad and a make-up remover;

• An anesthetic cream is applied to ensure that you will not feel pain and that everything proceeds as comfortably as possible;

• The technician uses gloves and glasses to ensure the hygiene and precision conditions of the eyeliner micro pigmentation procedure;

• The technician carefully injects the pigment into the skin, using a tattoo needle, and then moves along the lash line (depending on the desired pattern) to fix the pigment, after which you will get the much-desired tattoo and perfect eyeliner.

Does the eyeliner micro pigmentation procedure hurt?

Before the procedure begins, an anesthetic cream is applied to the treated area, which should make the whole process relatively painless. However, it all depends on each person’s pain threshold, which can be lower or higher. Some find the procedure slightly uncomfortable, but nothing more. Most clients experience very little or no pain. After the effect of the anesthetic cream wears off, you may feel a very subtle discomfort, but by no means unbearable.

How long does eyeliner micro pigmentation last?

The eyeliner procedure takes between 1-2 hours, depending on the chosen technique. It should be noted that it takes about 15-30 minutes for the anesthetic cream to have its desired effect. A traditional look usually takes that long, but a more complicated winged or cat eye eyeliner could take as long as 2-3 hours. The artist applies local anesthetic cream or gel to create comfort for the client during the entire procedure. The most sensitive area of the face where micro pigmentation is performed is the eyeliner area, but, as I said, the technician artist makes sure that everything goes according to the client’s expectations, with minimal pain and perfect results, according to expectations.

How long does an eyeliner micro pigmentation tattoo last?

In general, most eyeliner tattoos last between 8-18 months, but the pigment starts to fade as time goes on. Therefore, a touch-up after 12 months is recommended. This is because each skin retains pigment differently. But other variables are also taken into account, such as medication, skin type, general health, but also exposure to the sun without SPF products, make-up removal products used in the daily routine, or other personal care cosmetics. Depending on these, the tattoo lasts more or less, but to maximize the intensity of the color and the result obtained, it should be taken care of as best as possible, avoiding – at least immediately after the procedure – certain cleaning products.

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