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Micropigmentation eyeliner – things you should know

The semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo is a viable and aesthetic alternative to achieving perfect make-up every day, without having to spend too much time in front of the mirror. We know how hard it can be to always achieve a perfect eyeliner that brings out your eyes and gives you a gorgeous feminine look, so everything can be solved with this tattoo that can be achieved in a few hours. With the help of a specialist artist, who will follow your wishes exactly and make sure they give you the desired result, thus achieving a perfect eyeliner and a complete look.

Micropigmentation eyeliner styles you can opt for

There are four different eyeliner styles to choose from, along with extra on-trend options like those wings or the so-called ‘cat-eye’:

  1. Subtle eyeliner and lash enhancement

“Eyelash enhancement” is the very subtle application of a tattoo, and it can be done in two different ways: either as a thin line that does not leave the eyelash area or as a dot near each eyelash. This tattoo makes the eyelashes look longer and thicker.

  • The thin line of the eye – subtle but impactful

Applying a thin eyeliner can make your eyes stand out while keeping the “more natural” look. It’s a great option for people who want thin eyeliner with the option to accentuate the line with makeup.

  • Medium-width eyeliner – bold and special

A medium-width eyeliner is perfect for women who wear make-up every day and want a bold, special, yet natural look. It is especially suitable for people who opt for intense make-up and love bold colors.

  • Thick eyeliner – not for everyone

Thick eyeliner isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. For people who wear much, thicker make-up every day, as well as eyeliner, this kind of tattoo can give you a permanent bold look, just the way you might want it.

The color of the eyeliner

For eyeliner, there are simply no limits – you can choose according to your desires and pleasures. You can opt for traditional colors – brown, black, gray – or much bolder colors, such as green, purple, and blue. If you are considering a bolder color, remember that you have to stick with it for a long time (at least 1-2 years). Most people opt for black or brown instead, and your technician can give you expert advice on what works best with your eyes and skin tone.

Preparations before the procedure

Before the eyeliner micro pigmentation procedure, no detailed preparations are necessary, but there are some recommendations that you should consider:

• Eyelash extensions – you should remove the extensions at least 1-2 days – ideally even a week – before the procedure to give the glue used in the extensions time to disappear. Even small amounts of glue can interfere with ink application. You can reapply eyelash extensions after the tattoo heals;

• Avoid the administration of anticoagulant drugs, as well as the consumption of natural blood thinners. Do not consume aspirin, fish oil, or other natural products that contain nutrients or substances that thin the blood for at least three days before the procedure. If you are taking anticoagulants as a treatment, consult your doctor for advice;

• Do not consume alcoholic beverages 1-2 days before the procedure;

• If you wear contact lenses, take them off before the procedure and do not put them back until any trace of sensitivity, allergic reactions or redness has disappeared;

• If you suffer from allergies, do not hesitate to tell this the artist who will perform and take care of the eyeliner micro pigmentation procedure;

• Consult a doctor before the procedure, explaining to him what it will consist of.

Healing stages of the eyeliner micro pigmentation procedure

There is usually no bed rest or anything like that after the eyeliner tattoo procedure, just a few precautions to avoid during the healing process which usually takes around 7-10 days:

• Avoid applying mascara before the skin is completely healed;

• Avoid touching the area to minimize the risk of spreading bacteria and other pathogenic germs;

• Avoid swimming pools, saunas, and tanning salons;

• Avoid demanding and heavy physical exercises.

In 3-5 days, the skin heals at a superficial level, after which it takes about three weeks for the pigment to acquire the desired final color. Eyeliner micro pigmentation not only saves time from daily makeup but also allows the skin to heal and recover quickly: it is one of the techniques that allow the fastest recovery. The lifespan of the eyeliner is between 2-3 years (depending on each individual), during which you will enjoy both beautiful eyes and a mysterious and penetrating look.

After the eyeliner micro pigmentation procedure, the skin heals in stages. Immediately after the micro pigmentation has taken place, the eyeliner will have an intense and bright color. However, the shape will be defined, even if the skin will be red and slightly inflamed – this is normal, and is because the tattoo needle has penetrated the skin. The inflammation disappears within a few hours – a maximum of 4-5.

Over the next few days, the tattoo heals much more easily without feeling any pain, although some scabs may form and you will feel warmth in the area. This is normal, being a physiological reaction of the body. Care after the procedure is very important: keeping the area dry, removing by tapping the lymph (which is secreted at the level of the tattoo – the body’s self-defense mechanism, which removes potentially toxic compounds from the body) with the help of a hygienic stick. The area should not be scrubbed vigorously, but only lightly dabbed using the sterile, clean swab.

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