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 This procedure helps eyebrows hair growth by adjusting at the same time its length, thickness and angle of inclination, which is why the technique is called "thread by thread". (threading)

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The procedure is chosen according several criteria. A main aspect is the final result that the client wants to achieve, but the process to be carried out depends not only on his choice but also on the appearance that the eyebrows initially have and the existence of possible imperfections. Depending on these matters, the best way is chosen to achieve the desired result with the help of tattoo in this technique. There are two basic techniques that are used.

The Process

Effortless Beauty: The Step-by-Step Process of Semi-Permanent Makeup Application

Procedure Price

Discover the price of taking care of your eyebrows - Competitive prices for our high-quality procedures!

Microblading Procedure £207

Duration: 2 hrs

Touch-Up £90 - £120 - £190

From 6 to 8 months - £90
After 6 months - £120
After 1 year - £190

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