Natural-Looking Result:

Powder brows can create very natural-looking results. This may be the right choice if you’re looking for a way to enhance your appearance without looking like you’ve had work done. It looks like professionally applied makeup on your brow.

Less Painful:

Powder brows are less painful than other types of eyebrow tattooing. If you’re concerned about pain, this may be the better option. Most clients actually fall asleep during this procedure.

Customizable Colour:

Powder brows can customize the colour, softness, pixelated look, powdery look and colour to the degree that suits your preference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Powder brows (also know as Ombre Brows) gives a soft dot powdery effect to the brow. Unlike Microblading the pigment can be built over sessions and can look extremely natural or can be built to heavy density which will look like denser powder makeup.


Generally clients feel Powder Brows is less painful than Microblading as its done with a machine and only very lightly scratches the surface of the skin. Numbing gel is also applied during treatment.


During the consultation we will discuss how you would like your brows to look and I will draw them on for you to see and make sure you’re totally happy before we start. My main aim is to enhance your natural brow shape, and in most cases give the brow more thickness, arch and density, to the give the most natural and best result. As powder brows is a denser pigment than microblading it is advisable to start off on the thinner side and build the thickness if needed, as its a more defined finish.

Powder Brows can give a very soft powder effect, or can be built up to a bold powder makeup effect is desired. This is an extremely versatile treatment, great for all skin types. Powder Brows can also be used to cover up previous fade microblading or tattoo.

Powder Brows can last up to 2-3 years if the skin is normal to dry. If you have oily skin then it is recommended to have a top up appointment yearly. The longevity of the pigment is different from client to client depending on skin type, skin care, sun exposure, oil in the skin, aftercare etc. Its is advisable to send pictures or book in for a consultation to see if you are ready for a top up yet, if there is too much pigment in the skin you run the risk of being sent away.


The initial Powder Brows appointment will last 2,5 hours, the retouch appointment lasts around 1 hour. 

  • For 24 hours prior don’t take any pain killers

  • For 24 hours prior don’t drink alcohol or caffeine 

  • Avoid the sun for 4 days prior to treatment

  • Make sure you don’t have fake tan or sun burn on treatment area

  • Avoid retinols or peels for 4 weeks prior

  • Do not dye your brows for 4 weeks prior

  • Do not have facials or LED treatments for 4 weeks prior

The day of treatment:

  • In the first hour wipe the brows every half an hour gently backwards and forwards with sterile water, pat them dry and apply a pea sized amount of gel after

  • Repeat this process every hour for the next 24 hours (please do your past wipe before bed, and continue the process when you wake up)

For 14 days:

    • Keep the area as cool and as dry as possible

    • No gym, saunas, steam rooms or swimming pools

    • Keep the brows out of direct sunlight

    • Do not pick or scratch the scabs

    • Do not to get the brows wet

    • For 7 days apply a pea sized amount of gel in the evening 

You cannot have Powder Brows if:

  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding 

  • Have any infection blood disease e.g: HIV or Hepatitis A, B or C

  • Are haemophiliac

  • Are prone to keloid scaring or hyper pigmentation 

  • Are five weeks pre or post radiotherapy/chemotherapy treatment 

  • Are epileptic and have experienced a seizure in the last two years

  • Are taking Warfarin or any other blood thinning medication

  • Have a cold sore, fever blister or skin disorder on the area to be treated 

  • Have previously tattooed/heavily Microbladed eyebrows

  • Are under the age of 18

Powder Brows will gradually lighten and soften, the pigments I use don’t go red, orange or blueish over time.


Yes Powder Brows are great for oily skin. Microblading can stay on oily skin but over time the strokes will blur due to the oil content in the skin. With Powder Brows the are no strokes to blur, so this treatment is much better for oily skin than Microblading.


It’s up to you, however I would suggest leaving the brows to grow so I can see where your hair is naturally.


Powder Luxe can give a soft powdery makeup effect, but it can also be built up and made denser with each session, if desired. It Is also great for clients with oily skin as it lasts longer and clients that feel Microblading is too natural and want a fuller, more defined finish.

Powder Luxe can also be used to cover up and correct previous PMU work as long as it is faded enough.

Due to the airbrush-like technique, Powder Luxe creates less trauma to the skin vs. the blading technique of microblading, so is better for clients with sensitive skin.

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