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How much does the microblading procedure cost and what does it include?

Women want to look flawless, which is why they spend a lot of time researching the latest trends in fashion, make-up, and hair styling. Very often before they leave the house, they apply makeup in various styles until they are satisfied with the final result. Men are usually exasperated by the time their girlfriends or wives spend in the bathroom and wish they could finish their make-up faster.

If you didn’t know, eyebrows play a big part in the appearance of the face. No matter how much makeup you apply, if your eyebrows don’t look good, you have a weak spot from the start. That’s why it’s desirable to put your eyebrows first, then continue the makeup process. So, if you’re looking for an improved brow look, then microblading may be an option for you. You’ll get rid of the worry of contouring your eyebrows as well as possible every day.

The procedure is a semi-permanent method whereby you will achieve a beautiful and natural brow shape by applying pigment under the skin using a microblading tool. It is similar to the tattooing process, except the result is not permanent. This way you get eyebrows as close as possible to their natural shape and color, and most people won’t notice the difference. You can rest easy about this.

But how much does this treatment cost and what do you need to know about prices?

The price depends on several factors, including the experience of the artist, the quality of the pigments and any products used, the location where the procedure is performed (salon that has other costs, room rented in a salon, studio set up at home, etc.), the country and the city where the procedure is performed.

In general, costs for microblading vary significantly, depending on these factors. In the UK, for example, prices can start at £130 and go up to over £1000, depending on all these factors. No matter where you are, documentation is the most important step.

Artist experience

The experience of the artist is a key factor that can influence the cost. Experienced artists who have worked with many clients and received positive feedback will charge higher rates than those who are just starting and lack experience. Experience can be found in a simple Google search. Positive Google reviews are an expression of a high quality of service.

Quality of work and pigments used

Furthermore, the quality of the work and pigments are also important. If the artist uses high-quality pigments and quality care products, then the price will automatically be higher. But at the same time, these factors can also influence the lifespan of cosmetic treatment.

This is extremely important when choosing the right person and salon. You’ll need to think about how long you want microblading to last and how much you’re willing to invest, whether you’re willing to come back after a certain period or not.

Location of the salon

The location where the procedure takes place can also play an important role in determining the final price of the procedure. A salon located in an expensive city or near a tourist area will cost more than a studio in a less expensive neighborhood. Here, the price is not at all influenced by the artist’s wishes, but by the market itself.


The country in which the procedure takes place can also greatly influence the cost. Prices for microblading can vary significantly in different countries around the world, depending on the standard of living and demand in that area. You should also be aware that not every country can offer hygienic, sterile microblading conditions and good results. The price usually reflects a higher level of safety in terms of the final result.

What does the microblading procedure include?

The microblading process is a semi-permanent eyebrow micro-pigmentation procedure that involves using a hand tool to insert pigment under the skin in areas that need hair added to create a fuller, more defined brow shape.

Here’s what the microblading process typically includes:

  • Consultation: Before the microblading procedure, a technician will conduct a consultation to discuss your preferences and determine your desired brow shape and color.
  • Face analysis: The technician will analyze your face shape and proportions to determine the best shape and size for your eyebrows. The shape and color of the eyebrows will be chosen.
  • Skin preparation: The technician will prepare the skin for the procedure. Local anesthesia is given.
  • Micropigmentation: This is the main step of the process.
  • After micro pigmentation: The client will return to the salon after 2-8 weeks. The second micro pigmentation session follows.

In conclusion, prices for microblading vary significantly and depend on several factors, including the experience of the artist, the quality of the pigments and any products used, the location where the procedure is performed, and the country and city where the work is done. It is important to always check the artist’s reviews and experience before scheduling such a procedure and ask for a cost estimate to be sure you can afford this cosmetic treatment.

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