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How to correct the lack of harmony in facial physiognomy with the help of the shape of the eyebrows

It’s no surprise that each of us uses make-up and beauty tricks to mask and even hide certain facial imperfections. However, the beauty of each of us resides not only in how we look but also in certain things we convey through who we are: we are unique, we are beautiful, and original. However, sometimes the physiognomy of the face may not be exactly as we would like, but that does not mean that we cannot resort to certain tricks to create the harmony we want between the features that define it.

Beyond the makeup and beauty products used, the shape of the eyebrows, their thickness, and color play a particularly important role in achieving the desired harmony between the features. Choosing the right thickness and shape can correct the lack of harmony in the face’s physiognomy, managing to offer unsuspected illusions. By lengthening them, thinning them, brushing them, choosing the right arch according to their shape, contouring and trimming them, we can perfectly harmonize all the features of the face and get the flawless look, defined by balance, symmetry, and beauty we want.

The effect of the right eyebrows on the square and short face

An extremely valuable tip for girls who have a square and short face is to choose to do their eyebrows in such a way as to create a slightly raised arch because it will give the impression of a longer face. However, the eyebrows should not be too sharp, but slightly inclined, to be in harmony with the other features of the face. With the help of slightly raised eyebrows, the effect of strong features will be obtained, but also of a longer face, under the square jaw.

The effect of the eyebrows on the jaw

If you have a more square, solid jawline, you can create the illusion of a smoother, feminine, and beautiful jawline by subtly lengthening your eyebrows. Their round shape is preferable to the pointed one, but this too must not be too strong. By opting for long eyebrows and for a look that is not too thought out, rather clean around the shape, you will be able to harmonize from the jawline, so that the intended effect is that of a much finer and more subtle jaw.

The effect of eyebrows on the lack of harmony between the eyes

With the help of eyebrows and the right shape, you can correct the defect of eyes that are too far from each other. For example, if you choose to make your eyebrows closer, you can get the effect that gives the impression that the bridge of the nose is thinner. Therefore, the face will appear not only much more balanced but in harmony with your natural physiognomy. Eyes that are too far apart can be very easily corrected by choosing a suitable shape for the eyebrows. It is recommended that they not be thick.

The effect of eyebrows on the face

Many make-up experts say that full eyebrows that look untrimmed and unkempt can make the face look much smaller than it is. Therefore, for people who have a larger, longer face, fuller eyebrows are recommended, the contrast of which enters into a kind of illusion with the long appearance of the face. Therefore, they will make it appear much smaller than it is, and will harmonize the other features that define the physiognomy of the face.

Also, the rounded eyebrows, due to the shape, will manage to round the shape of the face. When you have a triangular or heart-shaped, elongated face, rounded eyebrows are perhaps the best choice, as the immediate effect they will have will be to round out and reduce the length of your face. With their help, you will be able to harmonize your features so that you get a perfect symmetry between the shape of your face and your chin, forehead, eyes, and temples.

Effects of eyebrows on features

A sharp, triangular face is defined by strong features that stand out. By choosing to make your brows slightly contoured – not too much, not too little – you will not only sweeten these features but make them appear much more feminine and subtle. A triangular face is not only particularly beautiful but also allows you to play with the shades of the eyebrows and somewhat with their shape. A broad forehead and broad cheeks call for a rounded eyebrow shape.

A subtly rounded shape, slightly contoured, will help cushion you from the extended and angular areas of the face. Don’t go for pointed eyebrows or high arches, but low arches – if you have a shorter face, a high arch is suitable. But if you have a long face, then a much too high arch will only lengthen the physiognomy of the face even more, which will create an unpleasant disharmony on the whole image.

The correct shape of the eyebrows always has miraculous effects on the physiognomy

It is no surprise that by choosing the right shape according to your physiognomy and face shape you will always get a super, feminine, harmonious, and symmetrical look. For these reasons, always try to choose the shape that suits your face shape: round, oval, oblong, heart-shaped, or square. The correct shape of the eyebrows will not only bring out and highlight your most beautiful features but will manage to mask those that are not symmetrical.

For example, it is known that by choosing the correct shape, you will always have a light, beautiful, and subtle lifting effect in the arch area. This will not only bring out certain features that define the beauty of your face but will also harmonize your apparent imperfections and asymmetries. Eyebrows can correct the lack of symmetry between the eyes, creating shadows and even illusions in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, eyebrows also represent a perfect, magical form of make-up.

By wearing the right eyebrows, defined by a shape, thickness, and length following the other features of your face, you will always achieve a flawless effect. You can easily correct certain imperfections, and asymmetries of your physiognomy so that you no longer hide when you go out into the world. Ultimately, beauty is defined by many more variables. But if you want to have a beautiful, harmonious face, always start with the right eyebrows.

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