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6 Advantages Of Lip Micropigmentation

Lip micropigmentation is a modern and innovative technique of permanent lip makeup, which allows you to enhance the natural beauty of your lips, in the most natural and neat way possible. It also gives you the opportunity to intensify (and even change) the color of your lips, give them the desired volume without resorting to cosmetic surgery and correct their shape and asymmetry. In addition to all this, micropigmentation saves you from many other worries and represents a viable, effective alternative to the classic methods of lip contouring and filling.

Easy, quick, painless, the tattoo is done by a specialist, using a special permanent makeup machine, with which the pigment is introduced and the desired new contour of the lips is drawn. According to a sketch made with a cosmetic pencil, you and the technician will agree on the desired shape and the level of saturation (intensity) of the introduced pigment, in order to be completely satisfied with the results obtained. It is also essential to talk to the technician from the very beginning, so that he knows exactly what your wishes are.

Discover 6 advantages you can enjoy after the lip micropigmentation procedure!

Regaining the color and natural appearance of the lips of old

One of the main advantages, as well as one of the main reasons why women (and not only) turn to this technique, is represented by the possibility of regaining both the color and the natural appearance of your lips. By choosing the right pigment, in accordance with your skin tone, you can get beautiful, full and healthy lips, which will highlight your face’s physiognomy and its beautiful features.

Getting a perfect lip shape, exactly how you want it

With the help of the cosmetic pencil, you can choose the desired shape of your lips, the result of the micropigmentation technique being the effect of fuller lips, in the desired color, but also with the shape you’ve always dreamed of. Lip micropigmentation is a great, much more affordable alternative to botulinum toxin injection as it can create the effect of much fuller, voluminous, hydrated and healthy lips.

Covering depigmentation spots caused by certain factors

Lip depigmentation spots can appear as a result of several factors, such as smoking, diet, consumption of acidic juices, coffee and even trauma, exposure to the sun. With the lip micropigmentation technique, you can cover these unsightly depigmentation spots that embarrass you and create discomfort. Once you choose the color you want, the technician will just make sure that the pigment is applied along the entire lip line so that the spots are covered.

Correcting the asymmetry of the lips, regardless of their shape

Lip asymmetry is another reason why many people turn to this modern and viable cosmetic tattoo technique. With the help of micropigmentation, even the most unpleasant aspects of symmetry can be corrected: lips that do not follow the line of the face, lips that are too small or too large, sharp, thin. Once you have chosen the desired shape, the technician will make sure that the result will be the expected one.

Opening and achieving the natural shade of the lips of old

Over time, for example, lips lose their vitality, volume and shine. Even if this can be hidden by using lipsticks or other cosmetic products with a temporary effect, it means investing a lot in this direction. The micropigmentation procedure ensures you permanent results, plus it will no longer be necessary to spend an enormous amount of time in front of the mirror to hide your lack of vitality of the lips.

Correction of defects due to the periodic lip injection procedure

Although lip fillers or botulinum toxin injection procedures have guaranteed results, that doesn’t mean they can’t have flaws. For example, constant injection for volumization can lead to the fading of the natural color of the lips and, eventually, even the loss of color of the entire area. Mainly, this situation can be easily corrected with the help of the micropigmentation technique, as you can opt for bright shades, so healthy lips.

Lip micropigmentation is an increasingly popular cosmetic technique. The rise in popularity is supported by quick, painless results that last and stand out. With the help of this procedure, you can very quickly get the lips you’ve always dreamed of, without having to spend dozens of minutes in front of the mirror, trying to give them the desired shape and color. The results are long-lasting and immediately noticeable; moreover, the procedure is minimally invasive and involves only a little discomfort.

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